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Solving the World's Problems on a Paper Napkin

My father (I'll call him Dad) died 8 years ago (and, yes, from time to time I still catch myself reeling). Before he went to the great beyond, however, he solved the problem of world peace. No kidding. We were sitting at the kitchen table late one night and Dad grabbed a pen and a paper napkin and went to work. "You see, Kathie," (that's what he called me) he said, as his thick, hairy knuckles scratched away, "it's really quite simple. You start here, add this, move it along to there and, voila, whirled peas!"

(OK, I borrowed that phrase - whirled peas - from a bumper sticker. If you made it up, write to me - I'd love to give you credit)

Dad died and I have since lost the napkin (and, alas, his chance at the Nobel Peace Prize). I'm sure, though, some one out there has an answer that's just as good.

Paper Napkin Peas is a cyber forum for paper napkin ruminations, deliberations, thoughts, feelings, drawings, artwork, cartoons, nostalgia, secrets, fantasies, inventions, ideas, confessions, happenings, processes, salvations, lists, judgements, revelations, wishes, hopes, dreams and anything else that can fit on our average paper napkin.

Also, it would be especially cool if you have the solution to world peace.

Here's the deal:

Take a paper napkin (any size will do - used or unused or, if you're out, any paper, postcard, cardboard, business card, scratch pad, cereal box, basically anything you can put your hands on), pick up a pen (or reasonable facsimile), add your thoughts, toss in a few drawings, share your dream. Mail your napkin to:

Paper Napkin Peas
2268 Newbury Drive
Wellington, FL 33414

We'll post as many as we can right here. And remember:
good thoughts + napkin + pen = whirled peas.

For your Paper Napkin to be included, please send it to:
Paper Napkin Peas, 2268 Newbury Drive Wellington, FL 33414

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